Friday, December 17, 2010

Hawaii, USA

After wanting to get one for a long while, finally here is a map of Hawaii! And I got it as a total surprise from Dede, along with a bunch of other cards she sent me! Thanks so much to her!!!

Highlights of Hawai`i

The Hawaiian islands feature special offerings - a spectacular active volcano, majestic humpback whales, delicious shave ice and Kona coffee, and countless, enchanting beaches. Each island has its own unique personality and provides a landscape full of adventure and sightseeing opportunities.

Would definitely like to try that coffee..and maybe the shave ice if im feeling really hot.

I remember it how years ago, it was huge fashion to wear an LC Waikiki t-shirt many colourful people on the streets during summer....I never got one though....

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rainbows said...

I really love it!:)
best wishes

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