Wednesday, November 10, 2010

San Marino second ever card showing San Marino...with the difference that this one is written and stamped and sent from there directly...wohoo...thanks to Luca!!

They say that San Marino is the "Land of Freedom"....and I must say it has some sort of a weird flag...I confuse it with the Estonian one...and if im not wrong, on the card you can see the Guatia fortress....which was built in the 11th century and served briefly as a prison. But this is just my lucky guess based on some picture comparison, since nothing specifically is stated on the card.

Btw....ive been suffering from a terrible cold these past few got so awful, that I had to take days off...and I never do that unless I really feel incapable to get out of the house...and now it has been like that...ive been bombing myself with medicine and vitamins and tea and food...and fresh air...and sleep...and hopefully when i get up tomorrow morning I wont feel again like a heavy train has run over me....but at least ive been able to focus on my working tasks...and finish them....though it hasnt been easy when you feel like your head weighs 100kg...yikes...and well, with that some extra time in my hands, i got to make some update too...well, just trying to get the best out of the bad situation...:)

and here is that San Marino flag I had mentioned....this stamp was issued in 2007 and represents the Presdiency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.


Weronika said...

Great postcard :)

Ria and Mike said...

finally got myself set up with a blog for my
postcards and stamps. I hope we can
exchange some postcards.
send me your address.

best wishes

Great postcard. looks like a place id like to visit