Friday, October 8, 2010

The Underwater Post Office, Vanuatu

Seems like my updates come from Friday to Friday...really not intentional, just happens that I could barely organize my time properly during the week...and it's been a really tough one, but I will skip that right now, coz here you have my absolute highlight of this past week and I dont want to ruin that with my whining and complaining and blah blah blahs....

Here you have one of the most special cards one could receive coming from not more, not less, but Vanuatu! (and just to brag and tease you, I received TWO special cards from Vanuatu, but will post only one for now).
And they both came as a total and unexpected surprise on behalf of my dear Sissel, sent by a friend of hers who happened to travel here!

And now you ask me, ok, except that it's from such a rare country as Vanuatu, what else could possibly so special about this card?
Well, let me brag is a WATERPROOF postcard, sent from an UNDERWATER POST OFFICE!! Now, how cool is that, ehhh?!!!
I read about this underwater postoffice not so long ago, even though it turned out its existence is not such a new thing after all. It seemed rather unreal and I wondered how a waterproof postcard could look like...and then, few months later, im holding one in my hands! Wohoo! I still havent put it under the water though to test it for real :P

The back of the card says:
The World's only Underwater Post Office allows snorkellers and divers to post unique waterproof postcards, which are collected regularly by one of Vanuatu Post's four trained scuba diving "Postmen". Submerged only 3 metres below the surface at Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary near Port Villa, the Underwater Post Office has received international fame since its launch in May 2003.

I told you I was rather ignorant about something that has existed for 7 years already...but one learns as long as he lives.

If you are interested to read more, here is the Official Site of the Underwater PO.

And I dont know how visible it is, but here you can see that special embossing cachet cancellation!

Thank you so much again to Sissel and Barb for saving me from one of my worst moods lately, at least for a while!

ps. photography courtesy to: Andy Belcher and Rob Marshall (New Zealand) and Crag Beruldsen - Australia


Gem from Calgary said...

Ana, a really great update today. What can I say about the underwater post card.You are the envy of many collectors as of today, Im sure you were before, but more so now.I guess there will always be something left to collect. Oh yes, the Mother Thersa card arrived today, and yes, I dont mind that type of card, Actually I dont have any kind of cards that I would not want to receive. I know any card that you would send is worth receiving. Take care,dem

Sreisaat said...

What an awesome postcard!! I want one, too! hahaha, the ever-envious friend of yours =)

Ana said...

he he he he..well both of you have your share of cards to be more than envious about, so dont get me started on that one :P