Friday, August 13, 2010

Szeged, Hungary

For  change something different from the usual Budapest views coming from Hungary.

The card even has a small map with the colours of the Hungarian flag...but I dont really think I could label this as a's just too small :)

Szeged is the third largest city of Hungary, the largest city and regional centre of the Southern Great Plain and the capital of Csongrád county.
The name Szeged might come from an old Hungarian word for corner (szeg) because of the turn of the river Tisza there. Others say it derives from the Hungarian word sziget which means "island". Others still contend that szeg means "dark blond" (sötétszőkés) - a reference to the colour of the water where the rivers Tisza and Maros merge.

I didnt really know you could refer to the colour of the water as 'dark blond'...

Unfortunately, the card has no stamp, but this machine generated sticker...well, must admit that this one look better compared to the red-coloured machine cancellations....

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