Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kyiv, Ukraine

After two clumsy confusions and by mistake putting cards from Russia and Belarus, third luck charm and I get the intended Ukrainian postcard here....
As the back of the card says, here you can see the Nunnery of St. Mary the Protectress and the Monasterial Hospital. I am really not sure about the word 'hospital here, coz it doesnt occur in the German explanation on the card nor in the Russian and Ukrainian all the other explanations i see the word 'church' not 'hospital'...I am starting to wonder when did the explanations on the cards become so confusing and not so reliable...grrr....this is getting frustrating :@
the flower stamp is a definitive from a set of 18 issued in 2006


Nika said...

It's a part of a monastery, founded in 1889. Its idea was not only a monastery in a usual way, but also as a hospital for poor people.

Ana said...

thank you for the explanation Nika and for clarifying the doubts :)