Sunday, August 8, 2010

Amerongen, The Netherlands

A few Dutch cards sent by Sietse, this time, showing some bits and pieces of Amerongen, which is a village in the central Netherlands on the border of the Utrecht Hill Ridge.

The first card shows the Little Houses on the Hugtje, where presumably, 'hugtje' stands for 'the elevated terrain they are built on'...but not 100% sure, so if anyone can confirm or deny, the right answer is more than welcome.

Here is the Amerongen Castle which was first established in 1286. Several times it was attacked, destroyed and rebuilt. In 1672 it was attacked by the French army and burned down. Shortly afterwards the castle was rebuilt in the classicist form it has hold until now.

The third card shows the Efratha church, about which I know nothing.

And this last card shows the Historical Museom of Amerongen. A very cute appearance from the outside... And from what I found, this museum gives the history of tobacco growing in the southeast Utrecht from 1640 to 1965, with drying shed, tools and carpenter's workshop. In summer, there is a demonstration in the tobacco field.

And a bunch of stamps, since each card was sent written and stamped....and they are ALL different :)
First we have a Christmas stamp (on the right) from a set of 10 issued in 2009, while the left stamp was issued in 2008 in a sheet of both 5 and 10 stamps under the title "Think Green".

Again, the same Christmas and one Think Green stamp.

Christmas + Think Green....

aaand, again, Christmas + Think Green combination from the same issues....and I just love it that they are all different and add to my stamps' collection!

Thank you Sietse :)

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