Friday, July 30, 2010

Vaitupu Lagoon, Tuvalu

Oh yeah yeah yeah!!! I got Tuvalu, I got Tuvalu! Yippie yippe yippe!!!!!!!

Well, ok, I was sort of expecting this card coz I signed up for it, so it didnt come as a HUGE shock..but still, I am so happy it made it safe and sound to me, coz you know, the jinx I am, it could have gotten lost....

For those who dont know, this card is actually a part of the Earth Day 2010 Project, organized in collaboration between postcrossing and the students from Tuvalu. And as the entire world is affected by the global warming and climate changes, so is Tuvalu.

Due to global warming and the rising of sea-level, there are predictions that in the next 50 years the entire population will have to be evacuated. The ocean can swallow Tuvalu whole, making it the first country to be wiped off the map by climate change. So in order to spread the word about how important it is to reflect and act upon climate change, this project was born. It is called "Send Tuvalu to the world" and consists on sending 422 postcards to all over the world sharing the students' thoughts about Tuvalu. They organized a painting contest to draw a special stamp to be used in all the postcards, so these are very special indeed.

And I was one of the lucky 422 people to receive this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity....ok, thats coz I was pretty fast to, and lucky to come from a country where not many people are into postcards and such....ok, in general its sad to know that many people here consider deltiology and snail mail in general and something totally old-fashioned, but I guess at times like this, it pays off :)

My card was sent by a child named Tenee, who had drawn a lovely picture on the back, with fish in the sea, the sun, the palms...wanting to show me how beautiful this country is :)

And here is that special stamp and the logo of the Earth Day 2010 project!

Just lovely! And thanks sooo much!


rainbows said...

Tuvalu? mhhmmm nice :)


Dani said...

Браво за проектот и честитки дека си еден од ретките лаки луѓе.

Прекрасна картичка! :)

Инаку не сум баш оптимист во врска шо се прави за глобалното затоплување. Или нешто малите земји као се обидуваат а моќните само перат пари на име на проблемот. морам да признаам дека годинава некако посвесна станувам за некои работи ама далеко сум тоа дека сум сменила нешто(а можам и треба), некои навики, користење на вакви или онакви материјали. Од себе да се тргне.

Убав ден и викенд!

ZeeJay said...

I'm happy that you received a Tuvalu postcard - wish I'd seen that particular announcement but oh well... hehehe. I love the personal touch -- the sender's drawing. To me it gives you the connection from her to you. The stamp and the logo are equally memorable and valuable, too :) You're one lucky gal!!