Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Emilia sent me this great card from Poland, which is like 3 in 1, since apart from being a map, it is also a flag and shows the Coats of Arms.

The card represents the 16 voivodeships of Poland.... is a type of administrative division dating to medieval Poland, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Serbia (Vojvodina), ruled by a voivode. The voivode (literally, "leader of warriors", equivalent to Dux Exercituum or Herzog) was originally the military commander next to the ruler. Well, living in Macedonia, this word is rather familiar to me due to the Vojvodina region in Serbia, but I have never really known what it actually stood for.
Until 1997, Poland had 49 voivodeships.

In case you are from Poland or know Polish or anything, here are two websites I came across not that long ago. Both are dedicated to Polish girls who are ill from leukemia and who need financial or moral support from others. In case you can or want to help, then just click here:

I dont know these two girls, but I just felt that the least I could do for them is spread the word around.

the well known Polish stamp from 2001 representing Farms.

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Lustitia said...

This is manor house from XVIII cnt. on the stamp :P