Monday, July 12, 2010

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Well, I seem to be really out of shape lately when it comes to updating...either im busy with something or just in such a crappy mood that I dont feel like doing anything...and that unfortunately includes postcard-related stuff..
But you know, usually when Im just silent like that, I bring you a nice treat for starters...and this time I decided to share with you this fantastic map card from the Galapagos Islands which came to me as a surprise :)

It may not be originally coming from Ecuador, but it is more than a fantastic card to own and have it in my map-card collection :)
The back of the card says: "They are wild animals and treat them with respect AND BE CAREFUL".
It refers to all those animals you can find presented on the card...I will skip the listing in order to avoid making mistakes in the naming.
When I was little, I was collecting this animals' album, Životinsko carstvo (by the Croatian Kraš), or in English it would be called The Animal's Kingdom, where I was introduced to many of the world's animals, and I recall that one of the animals I was extremely fascinated with was the Galapagos tortoise...coz compared to the tortoises I knew, these ones were just huuuuugeee....and looked scary to a little child...I often wondered if they could eat me :)
Here is how one looks like...not something I would like to meet face to face :)
The tortoise is also portrayed on the card...if you take a look you will spot it on the right side, among Santa Fe, Santa Cruz and Seymor Norte Baltra. If Im not mistaken, it has an iguana on its back, or some sort of another creature from the lizard family.

Thanks a million to Sissel for this fantastic card!


Sreisaat said...

Wow, this one should have a special place in your collection! And I think I should have one like this as well :) According to the National Geographic adverts, there is only one remaining Galapagos tortoise and it's named George. Lonesome George actually, and when he dies, that's the end of his species. Sad, sad, sad. I wish there are other tortoises like George out there waiting to be discovered and protected.

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Aimee Dars said...

What a wonderful card! I love the images and the message!

Ana said...

@Sreisaat: I didnt know there was only one left...that's sooo sad! It is just so hard to believe there is only George left, and after him...the species gone forever! I need a smiley with an 'in disbelief' expression :)

@Aimee: Thanks a lot for stopping by and for the nice message :)