Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ayacucho, Peru

Seems like I have unconsciously gone into the habit of updating once a week..and I dont even notice that an entire week had passed...scary how time flies and I dont even feel I had done anything useful or productive during then!

Ok, lets cut down the chit-chat and do something useful now at least....
Got this card just recently, showing Local Handcrafts...since my request was, 'no Machu Picchu' please :) I have nothing against Machu Picchu, I actually love that place, but I already have few cards of it, and I really want to see something different coming from Peru, and this card just seems like a great choice!
The first picture shows 'retablos', which are very typical for Ayacucho - they are like little houses, the doors at the front open and there is  scene (usually a nativity) inside.
As for Ayacucho, it is the capital city of the Huamanga Province in Peru and it is famous for its 33 churches where one stands for each year of Jesus's life

the stamp is from a set of 4 issued in 2007, representing Architecture of the Vice King's Era....this is the Church of St. Augustin

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