Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Frida Kahlo, Mexico

You probably recall the times when I was constantly whining how I have no Mexican cards and all...well, nowadays I have a few, thanks to some dear people out there who selflessly helped me with my Mexican collection plus some other people, who were happy to swap a card with me....
And so since it has been enough while since I posted my last Mexican card, I decided it was time for another I was going through them, and decided to pick this...well, this is my one and only Frida Kahlo card, and it deserves some respect, knowing how great Kahlo has been....

Anyways, after I picked the card, I recalled my last Mexican post....hmmm....and that's when thoughts started roaming through my head.
When I picked that card last time, I seem to have sort of invoked the spirits....after choosing that card, certain things Mexico-related happened, after I honestly gave up any hope they will happen ever again...and yeah, I was positively surprised....however, if you can see, the card itself shows a mummies' cemetery....I should have KNOWN it would mean that my entire mexican-related thing would simply go to hell or if i should express it literally on the card, it would just die out and would have to be, it makes no sense, but thats how things turned out, unfortunately, despite my desire to make them otherwise....I guess i was just trying to turn a dead-end street into a two-way one...but that is the sad reality, and maybe one day I will be able to accept it without feeling this lump in my throat, and without wondering about "all that could've been".
However, thinking of what that previous Mexican card evoked, I started wondering, if it was actually possible that Frida Kahlo would have some effect too? And if yes, what would that be? Having in mind what her life was like, i honestly shudder at the thought...Im never gonna be a painter, thats for sure...I am a total anti-talent for such stuff...but when I think of Frida Kahlo, the first thing that comes to my mind is Mexico and painting...the second, is the tragic accident she was involved in and which left her with broken spine, collar, ribs...and when one thinks of it, cant help but feel the chill down the spine...
So I really dont know if this Kahlo card would invoke any real situations or no.....oh, NO NO NO, dont even THINK about it!! Im NOT gonna have a naked portrait of me taken, EVER! :P  Sorry :)))

Btw, Frida's husband was called Diego. Hmmm, could THAT be the hint? I think some of you DO get the point in that fact.

the stamps are from a set of 4 definitives issued in 2009 representing ceramic objects.

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