Sunday, May 23, 2010

Washington, USA

My last card for today came as a surprise from Chris

I have to say that I am EXTREMELY happy that thanks to some of you, my train collection keeps growing and growing!
On this one, you can see the Skagit River Railway. The Skagit river itself flows both through British Columbia in Canada and northwestern Washington in the US, but this scene here is on the US side, between Sedro Woolley and Concrete, Washington. A 48 mile nostalgic scenic trip along the Skagit River.

Aaaand....not so long ago Chris got his postmark permit, so now all postcards I receive by him dont  have that usual USPS cancellation but this special one from Chris, which at least I know will ALWAYS be clear and I wont have to depend on the mercy of the postal clerks if they're gonna give me a nice cancellation or no, or if they will give me one at all :)

Thanks Chris!!!

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