Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moriones Festival, Philippines

A fantastic card I received for the Big Slavic RR!
The Moriones refers to the masked and costumed penitnets who take part in the reenactment of the Legend of Longinus, and Passion of the Christ Morions. They roam the street in town from Holy Monday to Easter Sunday scaring the kids or engaging in antics or surprises to draw attention. The festival is characterized by colourful Roman costumes, painted masks and helmets and brightly coloured tunics.

the stamps were issued in 2009 and I really love the one with the postal boy, or more known as Pheepoy, the lovable mascot of the Philippine Postal Corporation. The bird stamp comes from a set of *cough* 40 stamps!

thanks to Jan for choosing this lovely card for me!

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