Monday, March 22, 2010

Wrangel Island, Russia

One FANTASTIC card I got from my dear Nastia.

What makes me love it even more is coz this place is located in the Arctic Ocean and is close to Chukotka too. And If i hadnt told you before, but the Arctic Ocean is the most fascinating to know that im just fascinated with such extreme points in the I also like the name "Wrangel". Sounds so cool for an island situated in the Arctic ocean, yet belonging to Russia....for some reason, i just cant relate these two things together :)
And on top of everything it is also a UNESCO whs!
The Wrangel Island was named after  Baron Ferdinand von Wrangel who after reading a report by Stepan Andreyev& and hearing Chukchi stories of land at the island's coordinates, set off on an expedition (1820–1824) to discover the island, with no success.
The first recorded landing on the island was by a German whaler Eduard Dallmann in 1866.

Well, its just a lovely card depicting a fascinating least for me.
And while we are at Russia....I need to share something with you.....I came across this at another blog the other day, and Ive been torturing my Winamp with it ever since. Its been a long long time since ive been so fascinated and captured by a man's voice. He's been around for so long and just now i discovered him....i really wonder how i could have missed it....but better late than never.....I really think he is worth sharing:

Nevertheless, I love the song too...and after listening to several of his albums, I have to say I have a new singer added to my list of favourites. I really love his music, and since he sings in Russian, i can understand a great deal of it too :)

here come the lovely Russian stamps too :)
The first one, top left is from 2008, depicting Russia as Ice Hockey World Champions in 2008. The stamp next to it is from 2002 from a set of 4 depicting Volcanoes of Kamchatka (another of my favourite places in Russia). This stamp shows the Troitsky acid crater lake.
On the bottom there is one definitive from 1998 from a set of 11, this one if im not mistaken, is related to agriculture.....while the last stamp is from 2009 - another definitive from a set of 12 showing Russian Kremlins. This one here is the Rostov Kremlin.

Thank you Nastia for this fantastic card and stamps. It definitely goes into my all-time favourite Russian card!

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