Monday, March 22, 2010


Well, my first postcard in the new outlook...

And this lady seems to have had a nice trip before she arrived to me since this card was first missent to Osaka...where they had put that sticker you can see on the card...i wondered if i should remove it or no, but this sticker feels so special due to its oddity that i decided to keep it intact as it had arrived :)
From what I can read, the sticker says "Customs Inspection and Repacked"......which I found confusing....if this was a package, it wouldnt have caught my attention....but why would they put such a sticker on a postcard? It was sent written and stamped....whats here interesting for the customs? and whats there to repack in the first place? I was actually joking that the lady's pollera seemed suspicious as if she was hiding something underneath.
Btw, Pollera is considered as a typical Panamanian national dress. Looks interesting.

Oh, and Id like to send a special Hello to Chris with this card and celebrate the spring coming ....I know he will like this lady too :P
The stamp is from a set of 7 issued in 1997 (8)? depicting Tourism.

Here is my missent to Osaka stamp........

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SOe said...

I miss the thought: BEAUTIFUL STAMP :-)