Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I really love the shape of this card...not the easiest to handle though, esp. with those postal postcards-eating machines...
I think that even though I have a number of Lithuanian cards so far, most of them are multiviews, so im still missing singles from some of the places. Im still yearning for that great aerial view od Trakai....and I dont really have cards showing Kretinga for example or Šiaulai. Its a pity when there is such a diversity of places to get mainly Vilnius or Kaunas or such....I was super happy when I got my first Vilnius card, esp since it was a very beautiful one but i think its time to move to some other places in Lithuania too.

the stamp is a self-adhesive one from a set of 6 issued in 2008 portraying the Wooden Sacral Architecture of Lithuania, where this stamp in particular shows the Church of Uzventis 1703

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Bradpetehoops said...

Very nice collections!