Thursday, March 25, 2010

Djerba, Tunisia of the top destinations for Macedonians during summer, yet a place I still havent visited...If im like, served the chance on a plate to go there, I surely will...but personally, not attracted to know that such hot desert places do not feel the most appealing to me

I got this card from Tanja who spent her holidays there last summer...Djerba is actually the largest island off North Africa off the coast of Tunisia. It is one of the few remaining places where the Berber language is still spoken, while another thing that attracts the tourists here is& the 1977 location of the Mos Eisley exterior scenes in the first Star Wars movie, filmed in the town of Ajim.
Here comes a (shameful) admission....havent really watched Star Wars...maybe just a few bits and pieces....well, I know it's an epic movie and like a must-watch but im just not really attracted to such movies....

The stamp is from 2005 from a set of 4 stamps showing Medicinal Plants. This one here is Mint.

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elton1956 said...

Hello, I´d like to get postcards from Tunisia.