Saturday, March 20, 2010

Apa Khabar from Malaysia

The last card for today came as a surprise from dear Lyan.

Its a card different from all the others i have from Malaysia, coz its actually a humourous one. Or in a way it tells you how you will be welcomed if you decide to visit the country.
This is what the back of the card says:
"You will be greeted with a cheerful "Apa Khabar?" (the local equivalent of "How are you?") everywhere you go in Malaysia.
The sight of fish dying in the sun is a cool cat's idea of gastronomic heaven"


The stamps are just fantastic! They were issued in 2007 in a set of 5 stamps showing insects.


Sapawi said...

Hi Ana. Apa Khabar? ;-) Nice to see those postcard and stamps.

I'm Malaysian and it seems that from the postcard, the people are drying up the fish so we can enjoy the salted fish in our meal.

ilyani said...

It's pity that I no longer get nice stamps now in the campus PO! :(