Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stift Götweig, Austria

This lovely card came from dear Earney who often thinks of me and my mailbox and throws me such surprises! Thanks a lot Earney, for everything!

Göttweig Abbey situated on the Göttweig Mountain, is - because of its location - sometimes called the Austrian Montecassino. The Monastery sits on a hill 449 m above sea level in the Dunkelsteiner Forest south oft the city of Krems, on the eastern edge of the world-famous Danube Valley called the Wachau. Togehter with the Wachau, Göttweig was in 2001 placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Due to its premises and the enjoyable surroundings Göttweig Abbey has proved to be the perfect place for the European-Forum Wachau.
I was convinced this was a castle when I first looked at it....looks can literally trick you sometimes :)

I dont know if Earney put the stamp on the right on purpose or no, but she definitely made my day! An F1 related stamp!! Even if its Bernie....I totally love this stamp....especially since I dont have many F1 related ones. It was issued in 2009 in a set of 4 stamps representing Formula 1 legends. The other 3 stamps are dedicated to James Hunt, Gilles Villeneuve and Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips.
As for the stamp on the right, it comes from 2007 from a set of 5 stamps representing flowers.
Thanks again Earney..for the card and for the F1 stamp! I love it!!

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