Wednesday, February 10, 2010

St. Florin Cathedral, Liechtenstein

well, I know I have another passion to focus on, but lets not neglect this blog either :)  And I just ended with another part of my work, which has stretched out for daaaaaaays, and I really got fed up, but I finally did it! So now I can steal a few minutes off at last!

this card came as a huge surprise from Daniela, who noticed how i had complained about Liechtenstein, wondering if their cards show ANYTHING else but their Vaduz castle! Well, from what she had told me, there is no variety of choice, but there still IS something different and she sent it to me!! And this is the.....ta-ra-ra-raaaaa....the St. Florin cathedral in Vaduz!!!! Yeah, it has to revolve around Vaduz anyhow :) But im really really happy to have this, esp since it came due to such great thoughtfulness!

The St. Florin's Cathedral is situated on the site of a medieval chapel. It was built in Neo Gothic style in the late 19th century by the Viennese architect Friedrich von Schmidt who also designed the City Hall of Vienna.

Vaduz became an independent parish after the consecration of the then church.

what makes this postcard the most special one is that it was actually mailed from Liechtenstein itself!!! so i can say that I am the proud owner of a card with a stamp and a postmark from Liechtenstein!! Which I consider to be quite rare. And the postmark itself is such a clear one...I love it!!!
The stamp was issued in 2009 in a set of two stamps called Four Seasons of Chateau Vaduz.

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Jane said...

Lucky you to have that postcard. I still don't have a postcard sent from there also.