Friday, February 19, 2010


A really nice view....I like the colours of the card, so bright and some happy image....a warm summer day when you just feel the freedom all around you....
and of course....a card which raises my eternal Holland - Netherland battle....and the ironic thing is that Holland is persistent and keeps winning...I really dont get it...why do they keep insisting on calling their country Holland when im trying to be so nice and respective and refer to it as The Netherlands?

anyways, i would really love to be at some peaceful place like this right mind feels sooo tired from all the work and all the lack of sleep due to it....this would be like a battery recharger....there is this line from an AIR song (sang along with Beck) which is stuck in my head...."Im running after time and I miss the sunshine....summer days will come happiness will be mine" really feels so.....I end up seeing the sun just through the window, since I constantly battle with time and deadlines and Im always falling behind....
and a rare occasion to see some different Dutch stamps.....not really fancy ones, but honestly ANYTHING is better than that omnipresent eurocent one

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