Friday, February 26, 2010

Aurora Borealis, Finland

A card I got as a surprise from dear Micaela....and which obviously had a nice trip to Macedonia.

I dont really mind it much it got into this condition...still its in one piece still, and its nice to feel a card has really travelled....I WOULD prefer though if postal workers were a bit more careful when handling mail and cards which are out of the regular postcard range.

Here you can actually see a collection of a number of different postcards related to the Northern Lights, and I do own half of them I think :)

here is something to can turn on the speakers as well....the music is nice and interesting

a self-adhesive stamp from a set of 3 issued in 2009, depicting Northern Lights of course. Just makes me wonder, is Finland completely turning towards self-adhesive stamps? What about people who collect used stamps, you cant take these off from an envelope, unless you just want to keep the piece of paper along with the stamp as well, which personally i dont like much....

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Ania said...

Ana, it is still possible to take this stamp off - I have done it with this exact stamp.

It's much more difficult for me to take off American stamps. THe glue they use is simply resitant to everything :(