Monday, January 4, 2010

Kihnu Island, Estonia

This card is from 2008, but just now got to see the light of day...actually, i realized its the only Estonian card left from that year, so i thought it would be nice to post it and move on to 2009 and of course 2010, and not get too much behind...

the card shows the Kihnu Lighthouse on the Kihnu Island, Gulf of Riga, in Estonia, of course.
The lighthouse composed of parts constructed in England, was installed in 1865. Its height from bottom is 28m, light altitude is 29m - from the back of the card.

Thanks a lot Janek for another great card with great stamps as well :)

the stamp on the left is from 1997, representing the Wastne Testament,the New Testament’s translation into the South-Estonian dialect,  published in Riga in 1686. And I dont know whats wrong with me today, but i dont know anything about the other stamp, except that it was issued in 2007

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ulvikaru said...

Hi dear Ana!

Nice to see this card here. :) Hope the year brings you many-many beautiful cards from all countries. :)

Other stamp on this card is personilized stamp of my company - ETK. It has established in 1917. Estonian Post offers such a service. :)

Have a great evening!