Friday, November 27, 2009

Utah, USA

My last card for today comes as an official...and speaking of them, im really annoyed with it, coz all my cards are either stuck travelling or go expired...or end up with people who just decide to stop logging in AFTER i get their address.....urghhhhhhhhh


has a great text on the back, so im gonna use it, of course :)

Panorama Point

Capitol Reef, located in the slickrock country of southern Utah, takes its name from pioneers who saw the imposing rock ridge as a travel barrier, similar to an ocean reef. The reef is capped with golden sandstone domes, one of which resembles the U.S Capitol Dome. Capitol Reef is part of the Waterpocket Fold, a narrow, 100-mile-long rock formation that is one of the largest monoclines in North America's surface. Many rounded depressions pockmark the Fold; these "pockets" hold life-giving water after a storm, hence the Waterpocket Fold. A short walk to Panorama Point yields a breathtaking view of Capitol Reef.

This actually a huge panoramic card, but unfortunately, i dont think you are able to notice that from here

familiar stamp...

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