Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chania, Greece

An amazing card that came as a real surpise from my dear Anastasia...and funny thing is, as I already told you, i started this update two days ago and had chosen the cards to post, and today, i received another card from Chania, and this time it was an official one! And my second Greek official card...but ill get to that issue when ill show you cards :)

This picture has probably been photoshopped...but its still an amazing one! I just really love the colours, i love the houses and how the sun reflects against them...i love the colours of the sky, the water, the mountains....
Anastasia says that Chania is the most beautiful town in Crete...have never been there, but i wont object at all..compared to Athens or even worse, Thessaloniki, this town seems to be lovely! And no offence, but i dont like concrete jungles like Thessaloniki is..or Skopje...so no political feelings involved here...just to avoid misunderstandings...
Chania is a mix of Venetian, Turkish and Greek culture On the card you can see the Venetian harbour and the old town.
Reminds me actually of some old quarters of towns in Brazil or Chile...

Anasty! You know im more than thankful for all the amazing Greek cards you had sent me! You are just great! :)

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Anastasia said...

awww, thank you so much my dear for the pleasure to see my card on your blog! *HAPPY*

I have to say I start to like this card more, since you like it so much:)

what i like about this card, it's houses of different colours, i just love the way they are situated so close to each other, it can be often seen in old european towns, but not in Russia, we have wide streets and enough space between houses :)

you received a fantastic official card from Chania! it's good I didn't send you this lighthouse :) and btw, I sent an official card to this user some time ago:)