Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A great card coming from my dear Anastasia.....who knows how much i love map/flag cards...

And again a card coming from my favourite Slavic RR.....this time from the re-opened one, since Ksenia unfortunately couldnt keep hosting it....if you are asking me, personally id never be a good RR host...it may not be a hard task, but for people as disorganized and lazy as me, it certainly isnt something i SHOULD be doing...i mean, collecting addresses, arranging groups, sending addresses, making updates of sent/received cards....you really cant see me in that light...
btw, inside the map, you can see St. Petersburg on the left side and Suzdal on the right....and Anastasia actually told me about this card when we were in Budva this summer, and somehow i knew she was gonna send it to me sooner or later :P  yeah, that was a very self-centered statement...
oh, Anasty...do you actually know what arrived in my mailbox today?? :D :D :D yup, thats right...ill message you about it :)  But thank you soooo much dear!! I just love THEM!! Yes...THEM!!! :))

and as usual, great Russian stamps (where the one on the right has food on it!!!)
both stamps come from the EUROPA series....the one one the right is from the 2005 issue when the EUROPA theme was Gastronomy and the stamp is called "Bread & Salt", where guests are welcomed in Russia with these words for centuries. Both in old times and nowadays various delicious are put on the table and pancakes with caviar have been commonly served to feasts for many centuries.
the other stamp is from 2002 with the Circus as a primary EUROPA theme.

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Anastasia said...

I feel shame I didn't send it to you earlier, knowing you like maps! Very selfish! I didn't value this card to tell the truth. I am not that fancy about maps you know:)

oh, you got them :) it's good to know. So you see I've corrected my mistake with maps:) can't wait to receive your message dear:)