Friday, October 16, 2009

Nagoya, Japan

And another beautiful site for today!

the Japanese architecture never leaves me indifferent!
this is the famous Nagoya castle - originally erected in 1523 and it is showing the power and glory of Tokugawa regime and was rebuilt in 1959. The donjon is famous for a pair of dolphins on the top of its roof.......oh look, there really are two dolphins there!

mmm, i also really like the combination of colours here....makes some tranquil scene...

cute stamp as well...i suppose it belongs to one of those Animation Hero and Heroine Series...or i might be wrong...i wish the official site of the Japanese Post office related to stamps was available in English as well....would have been really helpful


imajica said...

lol.. everyone knows it's Detective Conan on the stamp!

Ana said...

everyone??? ok, now i feel even worse if i happen to be the only one who was totally clueless about it =/

imajica said...

:D at least everyone in my side of the world, I guess. kids here grow up with Japanese animation and comics, I was included. I hope you're not surprised if here I think he's much more famous than Rafael Nadal :P

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

I never bore to look at postcard from Japan !

shizuku-san said...

It is indeed a stamp from the show Detective Conan ... don't worry, I had never heard of it either even though I've lived in Japan. >_<

The Japanese writing at the bottom is 紅葉, meaning "autumn leaves". This particular set of 10 Conan stamps comes in seasons, with New Year's, spring cherry blossom viewing, summer night, autumn leaves, and Christmas. (You can see the others in this set here:
This is the tenth issue in the Anime Heros and Heroines series. Naturally they only give the issue date in the imperial calendar: Heisei 21, April 17. I think that's 2009 but I could be mistaken.