Saturday, September 12, 2009


A card which came as a total surprise from dear Leslie....ok, i knew she was gonna send me something, but had absolutely no idea what...and when i saw this card, all i could say was that its just perfect....a flag and map in one! Could i ask for something more? :)
Hmmm....i must admit that im using a PC i shouldnt be...but since im home alone, i sneaked in the family pc into my room, since its MUUUUCH faster than mine...and i just cant find the words to explain the difference while just working on the blog...its inexplicable how much time i get wasted while working on mine and waiting for all those applications to start and work with them and how often it gets stuck and unresponsive...I planned to go for a lap-top hunt this weekend, but then i realized i dont have all the necessary info at hand and i dont want to just rush into decisions and make a wrong one...and then realizing i should have bought some oder model/version...but i think that i wont be able to cope with my pc for much longer...
btw...i was wondering where the Turkish logo (if i can call it so) originates from...I see it on all cards and on all Turkey-related it must have come out from somewhere...
hm, yeah and my digressions :)

the stamp comes from the set of 16 stamps issued in 2005 showing Turkish provinces...and here is Aydin...i actually think i have shown this stamp before...or no...well, nevermind :)

Leslie...thanks a lot again...not just for the lovely card but for the thoughtfulness as well :)


ilyani said...

like you, I also think I should have bought this earlier model of Dell in brown which I was longing for since the time I wasnt still planning to buy a laptop, just when I checked again early this year, the model isnt being produced anymore :( then the latest models, as I have been reading the reviews, do not seem to be that durable.. many people wrote that graphic cards or something are prone to defects, oh well. so I gave up Dell and was buying Compaq before I came to Penang, and the spec is all perfect BUT (there's still a BUT).. you have to know that new laptops nowadays are made to run on Vista, and as much as it looks sophisticated and modern, I find myself not fancy it so much.. and to switch it to XP isnt that easy as you want to do on your old PC, all the drivers for XP aint available as a CD and even HP site doesnt provide them (they just want us to use Vista and stop complaining), so looking for drivers downloads is a bummer and hard work.(but maybe in some computer shops they can make a compiled cd for you). and when it's run on XP now, it still has a problem with the audio (have to restart driver every now and again).. sigh. it's like, you have to use Vista anyway to make everything working in order, (well unless you have one with AMD and not Intel processor - as some people say.. I dont know).

thing is though I thought I had all the info regarding the laptop I was going to buy, I wasnt prepared with the fact that new machines can't run perfectly on older windows.. apart from that I think I bought a good laptop.

that's all my tips of 'buying first laptop for people who's been using good old PC all their life'.

Anonymous said...


I have just found your blog and read this post. Turkey's logo (tulip) comes from the country's history. I am Turkish so I will try to tell as much as I know. We believe that tulips (in Europe) originated from Ottoman Empire. We also have a period which is called Tulip Period in Ottoman History where the Sultan threw extravagant parties in tulip gardens. So tulip has been an important flower in many textile and tile designs etc. I am sure somebody else could explain better. But hey, I tried.

Also I was born in Aydin. Nice coincidence... :))


Ana said...

thanks for the info was an interesting read :)

Lyan, there is always a BUT in whichever laptop you decide to buy...i dont like Vista either, and since ive waited long enough im just in time to catch up with Windows 7 instead Vista...if only i actually decided on which Laptop i want to have it installed first...