Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monza, Italy

Yup...finally after a longer while, F1 related card here...but unfortunately, with not much personal talk and points of view, since as with most of the races lately, i just dont have the itch to watch it...gets really tedious..

But i have to say im pleased how it ended....and it was like that only coz Hamilton who was third, crashed into the wall at the very very last of course, the driver who was fourth, came into the third position....and guess who was 4th?? But of course,...KIMIIIII!! So it was good to see him on the podium! I just regret not having watched the previous race in Spa...i even have a postcard for it, but since i was out of the country, i wasnt able to watch, and of course, even if i did, i wouldnt have been able to post it here...but after sooo many years, i missed a race, and thats when Raikkonen had to win, and i couldnt witness it! Now, you'd say, why such a fuss...well, if you know how Raikkonen has been doing lately, then you'd know that winning aint in his agenda....and once he wins after so long, and i missed it =|
As for the race today, as i already said, it wasnt much fun...Raikkonen started 3...ended up third...had Sutil breathe in his neck all the time...and that was a bit tensed...i thought he was gonna oveertake....but luckily he didnt. No special happenings during the race that are worth mentioning. Barichello won...Button was second...i dont know how the Brawns managed to be so competitive this year, but they are surprising me big surprising, that it even makes me paranoid :))  I often think that in order to make the F1 circus more interesting, they had to somehow put behind the dominating teams, and bring forward some of the outsiders...but i dont know...this is getting boring as the beginning of the season it was fun to see another team dominating and felt like a huge refreshment...but after it started repeating over and over again, it somehow lost its charm..
I do miss Massa though.....but at least he is alive.

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Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

What fun to have such a timely postcard for today. I watched this morning as well.
Of course, to be perfect you would also need a postcard of last year's Singapore race (oh my ! oh my!)