Sunday, September 6, 2009


I definitely need a new PC/laptop ASAP! laptop preferably, due to its convenience....but my PC is really eating my gets stuck and unresponsive way too often and just makes my updates a real hell to go through =|

Hmmm...flag card...jack pot!
The official name of the German flag is Bundesflagge (federal flag). However, this name is mainly used by authorities or in very official announcements. Today the black-red-yellow tricolour is used as the national flag and the merchant ensign. Im just a bit confused about the last colour....somewhere it is stated as *gold* and at other places as *yellow* me it has certainly seemed *yellow* ever since ive known about it, but now ive been overshadowed by doubts.
here is what it is said about the history of this flag:
The black-red-yellow tricolour flag has been used at least three times in the history of Germany. It was adopted in 1848 and abolished in 1852; readopted as the flag of the Weimar Republic on 11 August 1919, and abolished and replaced by the Third Reich flag 12 March 1933. It was finally readopted as the modern German flag on 8 May 1949. It was used by the German Democratic Republic until 1959 but had added to it a coat of arms from 1959-1989 when the Germanies were reunited.

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SOe said...

It looks yellow and it is yellow. But gold just sounds better ;-)