Sunday, September 6, 2009


A card which captured me and i fell in love with on the very first sight!

And its so huge that i couldnt even get a normal scan...oh yeah, this card caused me loads of trouble till it got to see the light of the day, but it was worth it. I dont know why such a fascination with it, whether coz of the blue predominant colour, or just the image, or all of it together...
ive been fascinated with the igloos when i was little...i read about them, and it was just amazing to see that people live in ice-houses, and how can they not be cold inside there...this igloo here even seems to have more sq. metres than my own house :)

I hope you are able to read the text...if not, this is what it says: Igloo is the Inuktitut word for house, The snowhouse version is a dome shaped shelter built of snow blocks. As snow is an insulator, outside temperatures may reach -45 C (-49 F) while those inside may range from -7 C (19F) to 16 C (61 F) due to warming from body heat, Lining it with skins can raise the temperature to as much as 20 C (68 F). Large igloos are built as semi-permanent homes. Normally there will be one igloo to be used for special occasions and another that is used for living. An igloo may have up to five rooms connected by tunnels with a common outside access to reduce wind and heat loss. Up to 20 people may be housed in such a structure. When the heat from the kulliq (stone lamp) melts the interior slightly it later refreezes and contributes to the strength of this already structurally sound design.

the sender of the card said that every year she tries to make an igloo with her son but something always happens to it! wow! to try and make an igloo by myself...that would be a thrill! though it wont be possible to build it here, but would love to try it wherever conditions would allow! Anyone wanna make me company, and have fun?? :D

there are also loads of great stamps! the one with the bird comes from a set of two issued in 2009 under the Preserving the Poles subject. The Primary theme is Fauna (Birds - General)
Environment & Conservation (Global Warming). If you recall that large Canadian envelope i once showed you, both of the stamps can be seen there.
The small lady bug (or lady beetle) stamp comes from a set of 5 issued in October 2007 under the subject of Beneficial Insects.
The Huge stamp in between them is from a set of 4 issued in July this year, under the name of Roadside Attractions....and the last stamp (on the very left) is also from July this year (set of 4 stamps), showing Canadian Recording Artists, where here you can see Robert Charlebois.

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