Sunday, August 2, 2009

Perth, Australia


Helloouuuu!!! :) Yeah....what a silence here...totally unexpected...since i totally unexpectedly got some working assignments that had to be done in insane deadlines (as always)...well, i still have something pending, but being that im done with the majority of it, i think i can finally take a break and post something here...
It was also my birthday few days ago (July 28th to be more precise)...I wanted to make a small post here, time and I were running after each other...and eventually, i was finally done somewhere in the evening...gave myself a HUUGEE ice-cream treat, and zonked out at 11 pm....what a party eh? :) Well, ive never been fond of my birthday either way, so its not much of a big deal....i start to really not pay attention to such stuff and dont let them bother me...and it feels better that way (and no, this is not ignoring things....its just accepting them the way they are...)
Well, i had received some great mail in the meantime as well, but i already had these 3 cards prepared to post over a week ago, so ill proceed with them, and we'll see what will be on the menu from tomorrow on :)

A nice card from Perth (my only Perth card)...which on the left shows the London Court, while on the right, on the top you can see a Perth Skyline, and on the bottom a Kangaroo statue, which, as Brandon says, is almost a real size model.
What really caught my attention and fascinated me in a way is that, the back of the card says that Perth is the most isolated city in the world! (and here my 'most-extreme-place' button gets activated). Can you believe that the nearest city to Perth is Adelaide, which is ENTIRE 2,104 km away!!! Ok, sorry, but this is rather hard for me to comprehend...i just cant make this image in my head of living in a city where the next one to it is 2000 km away...i mean, hell, thats more than the entire Macedonia from north to south or from west to east...Even Belgrade is some 450km away from Skopje.....this is like from Skopje till somewhere in Central Europe (?!)....Well, there are some small cities located near Perth....but i dont know how small they actually are...probably too small since they are not taken into consideration.
It is said that Perth is actually closer East Timor and Singapore than it is to Sydney and Melbourne..
Well....i know i say i want to live somewhere where i can get my peace of mind and somewhere away from the street jungle, but i dont think i would like to live in Perth :) Im curious to know, if there are nice natural places near Perth where people can go to at a weekend or just relax...and get away from the hectic daily routine...but i still wouldnt want to live in a city where the next one to visit requires a plane ticket...
a pretty common Australian stamp i least on my mail :)
It comes from a set of four stamps issued in 2008 under the title Gorgeous Australia. This one shows the Grose river Gorge in NSW. A special feature of this set of stamps is that this is the first stamp issue to feature the new smaller blue International Post indicator.
There is no cancellation unfortunately...

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