Monday, August 10, 2009

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

It sucks to have a the middle of the feel like being ran over by an express Münich-Belgrade also starting to think that i might have a hay-fever as well, or some other sort of allergy since my nose keeps getting irritated very easily and i keep sneezing and feeling an annoying itch....and why am i actually rambling this in the first place....just excuse me if my posts seem absent-minded....i just feel that way...

St. Lucia....another country ticked off the list...honestly, i have no idea whats the exact number so far, since i have a few unposted as well, and i think i somewhat got lost in all this i dont know if there will be a contest for the 200th received country :D
Being in the West Indies, it surely seems like one of those 'heavenly places on Earth...speaking of West Indies...there was this time at work, i was working on some text and it had the West Indies mentioned...and i actually didnt know that it referred to the Caribbean...i even had to re-check in the dictionary afterwards, just not to make a fool of myself and say something wrong...
Well...Marigot Bay is a bay...well, of course it is a the Caribbean, located in the west coast of St. Lucia.It is surrounded on three sides by steep, emerald-colored hills.

It is famed as the setting for the 1967 film version of Hugh Lofting's classic Doctor Dolitle books. The bay is used for the scenes involving the shipwreck, the fictional Great Pink Sea Snail and the construction of the harness for the Giant Lunar Moth.
So, if you have watched the movie, then you know what im talking about....if you havent (like me) then you are probably not familiar with it..,but at least i learned something :)

And lest i not forget....thank you Glenn for the card! :)

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Marsa said...

I was just reading about St. Lucia after seeing the lovely card. Apparently Britain & France went to war 14 times over the island!