Thursday, August 13, 2009

Indian Symbols

Probably one of my all time favourite cards....and it comes as an official!


The sender says that she chose to send me this card since i love educational cards...well, this one aint only educational but extremely cool as well...i dont know if ill ever get into a situation to have to decipher these symbols but for those that have a higher probability, this might be helpful....just zoom in :)
The back of the card says:
- The earliest writings of the American Indians were those of signs and symbols. These symbols are always apparent in their handicraft and jewelry.

my favourite symbols: sun rays, thunderbird, butterfly, 4 ages, sun symbols, running water....

well, just a great great card! i absolutely love love love it!

well....i think you are already familiar with the stamps...speaking of stamps...i again overheard that some postage prices might go up here....urghhh!

1 comment:

Sunil said...

yeah it is great honour i had one of this nice to see it here thanks


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