Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Connecticut, USA

One more map-card...and i have received quite a number of these lately....all great ones! There has to be some really special reason for me not to like a map-card...though such exist too :)

I used to think that Connecticut had to do something with connecting tickets......*cough*
This is my first Connecticut card and ive just learned that it is situated  by water and that its not land-locked.
The usual facts and figures from the back/front of the card are about to follow:

- Nickname: The Nutmeg state
- Area in Square Miles: 4,965
- Entered the Union: January 9th, 1788
- State bird: Robin
- State Flower: Mountain Laurel

It is not really known where the Nutmeg name originates from...it is said that its early inhabitants had the reputation of being so ingenious and shrewd that they were able to make and sell wooden nutmegs.

There are a number of famous  people born in Connecticut, among which George W. Bush himself :))))
Meat Loaf is also from Connecticut apparently...and all these years i was convinced he is German...you know Meat Loaf? That long-haired guy with annoyingly endless songs....

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