Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alaska, USA

Finally!! ALASKA!! Well, i thought that this was my first Alaska card, but when i checked my collection i realized i already have a card from there showing a this can be considered as my first scenic/view Alaska card :) And such an amazing one...

this is the Spit of Round Island, at the Bering Sea...also known as Walrus Island...The Walrus Islands earned their name because of the big concentration of walruses in the adjacent waters of these islands every summer, the largest concentration being in Round Island. There are actually 3 different Walrus Islands in Alaska, but only one corresponds to the name of the Round Island.
What I just really want to know is whether across the waters, the land you can see is Russia, or im just imagining things....This island group was first explored by Captain James Cook in 1785. The Russian name for a walrus is "Morzh", in Macedonian its the same....just that the Cyrillic version of it is Морж..


postcardkris said...

I can't help with your question on the view of Russia. It would have to be in the far northwest of Alaska to see the big bear. This is a beautiful postcard. Do you know who produced it? If you like Alaska card. Let me know.
KRS at Postcrossing

Ana said...

Hi Kris! Sorry for the late reply.

the card is said to be published by BROWNTROUT, San Francisco...Photography credit goes to Fred Hirschman

as for an Alaska is always more than welcome :)