Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The last card to be featured today comes from the city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia.

It is renowned as a center of classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows.Yogyakarta was also the Indonesian capital during the National Revolution from 1945 - 1949.
On the card you can see the Tugu monument, which is a famous landmark that is located right at the center of Yogyakarta.
The monument has a sphere as the top spire and this represents the universe. Previously that is during the colonial era there was a golden cylinder in the place of the spire. In the Indonesian language the word "tugu" means column.
The Tugu Monument that is there at the north of the Keraton at the interjection of the Jl. Sudirman and the Jl. Mangkubumi is not the one that was originally built. The first monument was built in 1755 to commemorate the setting up of the Ngayogyakarta Sultanate. The structure was built in direct alignment with the Mount Merapi and the Keraton. Thus it formed an axis that is said to have special power.

Btw....i got this card along with many others in an envelope...and since i hadnt  featured the stamps with the previous cards, here they are now. Ill skip the comments....since i simply couldnt open the English version of the Indonesian Post Office site, so that i could read what information does it include in the Philately section and if it could be any helpful. So in case you know something more about the stamps or you can give me a good link about Indonesian stamps, you are always welcome to do so.

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