Monday, June 15, 2009

Gdansk, Poland

For some reason ever since i got this card, i kept referring to it as from Czech Republic...even when i scanned it, i titled it as from the Czech Republic...the same was with another card from Gdansk...if you are asking for a logical reason, i cant possibly give you one...its not even that close to the i hope i wont make some silly mistake while writing this post...
On the card you can see the Dluga street, which in Polish means "long street"...which raises the similarity of Macedonian and Polish to a certain extent, since in Macedonian, 'long' means 'dolga' or 'долга'.
I like such pedestrian areas where you can walk freely without having to worry about traffic, and if cars are coming or so. And you can sit at a cafe and you wont need to breathe in the fumes and hear the traffic noise again (though people can create a great noise as well, but still, cant be compared).
Anyway, in the background, you can see the Main Town Hall...hmmm, really nice piece of architecture for a town hall i must say :)
This Gothic red brick building dates back from the 14th century and today it houses the Historical Museum of Gdansk.
Well, its just a beautiful building and thanks a lot to Ula for sending it to me :)

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Tekin said...

Danzig is a great city that I'm pleased to have been to. Very charming.