Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moscow, Russia

A lovely card...thanks to dear Anasty!
This Moscow view is just stunning and more than beautiful..and yeah, the colours DO have something to do with it indeed.
This is The Cathedral of Christ the Redemeer...hmm, i would have used Saviour instead, coz i think thats more appropriate and common for the word 'Спасителя'....but if thats what i WOULD say, doesnt mean im right, right? If you check the net, you would get 'Redemeer' for the ones in Brazil, while for the one in Moscow 'Saviour' is used....ok, why am i complicating this in the first place? Its still the same cathedral afterall...but what can i do...language...syntax...grammar....morphology...my professional damages..

The enormous gleaming golden dome and gigantic structure of the newly built Cathedral of Christ the Savior is visible from all over central Moscow and is the largest church in Russia. The original Cathedral was built by the architect Konstantin Ton between 1839 and 1881 to commemorate Russia's victory over the French in the Napoleonic Wars. The church was later demolished in 1933 on Stalin's orders, but was built anew in the 1990s.
Clad in marble and granite, with huge bronze doors covered in relief depictions of the saints, the cathedral is an awesome statement of the re-found power and prestige of the Orthodox Church and one of Moscow's most impressive ecclesiastical buildings.

and here are the stamps from the card...something you dont often see from me....though this may change...but ill get down to it...

I have received several Russian cards with several various stamps on them....and i really like them.
Now....I know i never post stamps...ok, almost never...but there has been an itch inside me to actually change that...I do feel that they add a lot to the card...of course, if i get several cards in an envelope, i wont post the same stamps of the envelope on each card, or if they show another country...but for the majority of cards it would be nice to add the stamps as well me thinks...I think ill post a poll about it and see what YOU think, and please, be honest about it...after all, apart from doing this for my own satisfaction (this whole blog), I also love doing it for you out there, so YOUR opinion is more than valuable to me, and any sort of feedback as well...good comments, bad comments...whatever...either way, that old pool is acting crazy, coz votes keep appearing and disappearing...and i think that its been there long enough and i know your opinion and cards WITH text win big time (yay, thanks for that)...so...ill see how it developes, and probably will start slowly putting stamps as well...if your votes go to that option mostly, then ill continue with it...


Anastasia said...

Hi Ana! I'm so glad to see my card in your blog! I have been waiting for it :))

hey, you wrote about the cathedral better than I usually do on my cards, lol!

I'm so happy we are in the same group in Slavic languages RR! I'll choose some special card for you! ;-)

Lisan said...

I have been to Moscow this year and it really beautiful. Nice to see card from the city :)