Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moment of Truth.......100th Country is HERE!!!

So the moment has finally come! The 100th country arrived today....after a second attempt actually :)
The postman came today and brought me several cards and i was delighted! And that was all ok....then after like an hour or so, i accidentally saw the postman through our kitchen window, as if he was just getting on, on his bike, and i jokingly told my mum that he might have forgotten something to leave in my mailbox :D But actually i just thought that he had finished with the mail for today and was going back to the post-office, and going thru MY street is sometimes convenient coz it feels like cutting down some distance.... much as i believed he was just passing by, i also had this hidden itch/hope that he maybe left something for me i just went to the mailbox....AAANNNDDD.....there were 3 more cards there!! I was in AWE!!! Not because there were 3 cards, but because i actually got mail for the second time in one day!! That has never ever happened to me before, and let me tell you, its a feeling one of a kind!!
And, among these 3 cards was my 100th country!! The fact that it actually turned out like this makes me believe there is some sort of higher spirit which made the postman come back and leave me the rest of my mail today and that he didnt do it all at once (though, im honestly wondering, how could he have forgotten to leave them the first time...if it was one card i would have understood, but three cards really have to hide themselves :) My mum says that he just cant keep track of my mail anymore and that when he realized he has to come back to me, he was furious :) Hmm, well i think that my postman i just a nice man no matter what.
Anyway...its time to announce the NEW COUNTRY!!! And thats iissssssssssss:


And......*sigh*...actually no one voted for Uzbekistan....I did expect some of the countries you had mentioned, like Uruguay or Saudi Arabia....but I guess Uzbekistan was faster...even though honestly i didnt expect him to least not now....
So now i have to turn to my plan B...and since i cant have an actual winner, i need to draw one i found this "HAT" from which you  can draw names and i decided  to use it for this contest, provided that its all visible and fair :)
So, all of you who had participated, are into the Hat....and after i press the button, one name will be chosen...and whichever it is, will be the winner....

*drums rolling*

and the winner is! :

Soooo HUGE Congratulations to the Winner! Will be contacted right after posting this...and to everyone else, thanks a MILLION for just made this more fun and made me willing to organize something again sooner or later...i just need to find an occasion ;)
Ill see you at the regular posts!


imajica said...

why must uzbekistan???? :(:(
I must tell you..there's a huge ads board in some terminal in KL.. I dont know it's meant to be funny or serious, but it says.. blababla.. UZBEKISWHERE??? hahaha and I *must* giggle whenever I pass by it.. and since that it always always remind me uzbekiswehere whenever I come across Uzbekistan.. even when I met some Uzbek people in KSA.. I cant help smiling thinking Uzbekiswhere..

eh no offense to Uzbek people if you read Ana's blog here.. :):) but your country is famous here because of that ads board I guess... :D

oh congrats to contest winner, by the way.. what is the prize actually eh? ;)

Leslie said...

Congratulations! :D I was really curious to see what it would be!!

Lisan said...

Congratz!!! :)

Rango said...

Iznenađen sam "pobjedom" i vrlo oduševljen. Hvala Ana na natjecanju! Pozz! Goran