Sunday, May 17, 2009

Connemara, Ireland

Well, i guess i rushed out with that Norwegian card, and should have saved it for would have been a nice way to congratulate them on the Eurovision win! :) Well, i didnt watch the contest, i have stopped doing so a year or two ago, but i did watch the voting and those were some incredible votes for Norway!! Well, i cant judge if it was better or worse compared to other songs, coz i didnt hear the others...the Norwegian one was fine, and im actually glad they already know why :) No no, not coz its Norway....
Well, instead of Norway, ill give you something Irish...they have beautiful nature as well.
Connemara - this is the name given to the western portion of Co. Galway which lies between Lough Corrib and the Atlantic. It is a region of superb scenic grandeur dominated by the rocky mountain range known as the Twelve Bens. Connemara has inspired many famous paintings and a tour of the district is indeed a memorable experience. The Gaeltacht (Irish Speaking Area) provides students of Irish with excellent opportunities for learning the language.

Well, i have to say that ive always found the Cletic languages rather difficult and odd...and back at university when i would have come across some Celtic manuscripts or readings, i honestly couldnt understand a thing...


Terry said...

Hi Ana
This is indeed a beautiful postcard.
The green of the country side is
indeed inspiring.
Thank you for sharing .
Have a nice evening and a wonderful day.

Beth Niquette said...

Hello! I LOVE the green of this postcard. It reminds me of the hills here in Oregon. An Irishman would be VERY comfortable in the coast hills of the Willamette Valley. (grin)

Happy PFF!