Thursday, May 14, 2009

Arizona, USA

I got this card as a total surprise from my dear Carol...and its a great card indeed!

The card is called "Rock Art"....An exquisitely designed petroglyph panel in the backcountry of Petrified Forest National Park eloquently speaks to the artistry of its carver. The five-toed mammal with long tail has the attributes of a mountain lion but its curved horns resemble those of a desert bighorn sheep. And the lizard figures appear to merge into human forms. Hybridized creatures occasionally appear in rock art of the Ancestral Pueblo People.
Carol thought i might decipher what the artist(s) had said since i am practiced (uhm) in the field of translation..
Well, after consulting my text-books and dictionaries, whats carved in there, says: Get better soon dear Carol, and let those around you be well soon as well!


And i have to thank Carol for always using lots and also, different stamps...and doesnt use the standard 94c stamp everyone is complaining about since they see it more than often :)
And i must say a big thank you to the US postal service for actually NOT destroying one bit of this card and for leaving it intact...i dont know about you, but most of my US cards arrive with paper torn from the back, or missing....

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