Monday, April 27, 2009

Singapore Flyer, Singapore

Here is a Singapore card with one of the most important and probably most well-known emblems, the Singapore Flyer.
From what i could tell, this card isnt an original photo but something like a combination of a painting and a photograph...and i actually love how it looks and i definitely love the colours of it! Its just lovely!!!
It is said that the Singapore Flyer takes 30 minutes to make one turn first, it actually seems much...but when you think about it, if it went faster, you would probably end up feeling awfully dizzy when you put your foot one the groung once its over...i just wonder what kind of a view is there from its enthralling one, i bet!
thanks a lot to Edmund for sending this to me...i just love it!!!

and lets see if country number 100 arrives tomorrow ;)

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