Thursday, April 16, 2009


You know that for some reason i LOVE cool cards! And i consider this one as an absolutely cool card...i just really really like the idea, all these newspapers from all over the world, to be put together at one place! Thanks sooo much to Davida for sending it to me!
I was analyzing them all, and i realized i actually have never heard about many of them, and have only read a! There is a newsagents here where you can actually get many international newspapers and magazines, but ive only bought magazines..never had the itch to buy The Guardian or New York Times, or so...
Well, out of all these, I have heard about The Figaro (ive known about this ever since i was little, coz it reminded me of a Tom and Jerry cartoon when Tom sang "Figaro" :)), then of course, TheIndependent, Financial Times, Le Monde, The Express, Ta Nea (if it wasnt for the Macedonian-Greek dispute, i probably never would have heard of this one...but whenever they report about that issue, or anything regarding us, they often refer to Ta Nea), then there is Daily Telegraph, The Times, Daily Mirror......and then there are Belgic, Swedish, Spanish, Irish and a lots of other countries newspapers i have never heard of...if you recognize something coming from your own country, which i handt mentioned before, feel free to leave a note :)

Btw...i rarely read newspapers in general...mainly coz the majority of articles are political..second, each newspaper belongs to a certain political party (at least independent ones) and ofcourse they are biased and would write articles in the tone it suits them, and about issues that suit them, and when you think about it, turns out newspapers and news in general can be one big lie, and will present you things which THEY would want you to belive...ok, i know this sounds paranoid, but thats how things are unfortunately....and i cant read newspapers or watch the news when all they say are bad news...its a rarity to hear or read a good thing on the news....whenever i watch them, i end up thinking....where the hell is this world going to...


Martinha said...

1st i saw 1, then 2, and 3 and a 4th partially hidden portuguese newspaper. on the 1st column theres "o Independente" below the "Die Welt". On the 2nd column "A Capital" and on the 3rd the "Diário de Notícias" and "Correio da Manhã" hidden behind the "Diário de Notícias".
Oh, another one in the 2nd column "Público" below the "Daily Telegraph.
I rarely read newspaper too and i used to work in a newspaper. The only of these portuguese newspaper i read sometimes is the "correio da manhã" because one of my uncles buys it everyday.

Ana said...

not only i had NO idea there is a Portuguese newspaper, but im still staring at the screen, trying to see the hidden Correio da did you even manage to recognize that one?! :))

thanks a lot dear :)
I wanted to say Obrigada...and then i realized i had no idea how to say 'dear' in Portuguese...its not 'cara' is it??

Postcardy said...

I like that kind of cool card too.

Martinha said...

I recognize the Correio da Manhã because i recognized the lay out and the lettering.
Dear in portuguese is "querida" for girls and "querido" for boys.
"cara/o" is for formal situations, like business letters.

So, querida Ana, have a nice weekend :D