Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dead Trees, Namibia

Well, lets actually show one of those newly received countries, which would be number 97 on my list ( i wont give out the other'll just have to wait and see :))
Here is a card i really like, coz it feels very artistic to me, and with an not-ordinary concept....showing dead trees in some desert in Namibia. My guess was that this is the Kalakhari desert, coz unlike the Namib desert, this one is considered to be the best known geographical feature of Namibia (and hence maybe a reason to be shown on a postcard), but as usual, i was wrong...coz if you type 'dead trees namibia' on google, it will give you pictures and info about the Namib desert...well, its most pictures and barely any info actually...all i could figure out was that these are most probably called "Camel Thorn Trees" and are found in the Sossusvlei region of the desert...well, its not hard to guess why trees may be dead in a desert area, yet, i wish i had some more facts available about know me...i rely on facts and things i can have a proof of...
either way, i hope you like the card...i do ... A LOT!

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