Saturday, January 17, 2009

Untitled, 1987, USA

I got this at one of the particular, the 'surprise the person below you' -tag....well, at least gives me something to talk about....and thats my attitude towards shopping :)
This, "I shop-therefore I am" quote is just soooo totally not me! If there is something i dont like, thats shopping...i find it annoying and boring.  I know that it sounds odd for a woman to have this attitude towards shopping, but I do...i always have had not the type of person who can just go around shops for hours, not to mention if i have to try things on...if there is one thing i hate, thats trying things whenever i have to buy something coz its a must, then thats a torture...esp. if i dont know where exactly to get it...i know that due to that i have missed many good stuff but oh well....oh yeah, one more thing, i hate spending lots of money on the happiest when i come across something i really like for little money...and im not a sinister...just that giving lots of money on clothes doesnt fulfill me....but for example, if it comes to a concert i really want to go, i really put no it just depends :)
I dont like window shopping either....but if i have to go a greater distance in order to see if a certain store has postcards, then i have no problem with it....yeah, im somewhat complicated i know :)

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