Saturday, January 3, 2009

Salvador, Brazil

Here is another one of my weaknesses....a absolutely beautiful card with a lighthouse...
This is the Barra's Lighthouse by night...there is a funny thing related to this swap...when i was looking thru the cards, some of them said 'noite'....i dont know by which logic, i thought it meant 'not available'...and i was like, oh pity, its so beautiful...eventually turned out that 'noite' meant 'night'....i definitely shouldnt brag with my skills in Portuguese :P

The Lighthouse in Barra is a nice building at one of the ends of the bay of Bahia. Inside the lighthouse there is a museum. In front of the lighthouse, locals do Capoeira demonstrations. You can take pictures of them, as long as you give a tip. If your tip is not big enough they may react violently. Be warned.

well, you are warned....all that it takes that you pack your bags and go to Brazil....dont forget to send me a postcard ;)

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