Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Cards, part 2

Ok, i cant make a regular update today, but i still needed to post something...for several reasons :)

First of all today something amazing happened and i have to share it with you...ok, i admit i have to brag with it as well, but i think that if you people dont understand the feeling that all those non-postcard collectors, certainly wont :)
Today being Sunday is a no mail day (i know that in many countries there is no mail on Saturdays as well...luckily, we dont fall into that group :))
Anyway, being a Sunday, the last thing i expected was to have mail...but my dear postman went against all odds and made me feel delirious! He brought me mail on a Sunday!! LOTS of great mail!!!! I absolutely adore him for this!! He is the greatest postman ever!!! To even add to it, there is soooo much snow outside that you can barely walk, but he worked today and brought me mail!! Yay yay yay yay!!! Ive been feeling soooo high all day long coz of that!! And it wasnt just was 15 postcards and 3 Christmas cards!! An absolute delight!!! I am so enormously thankful to him...even though its his job actually, im still sooo thankful for coming today...I just feel sorry that he had to go through such weather conditions...i think that it contributes a lot to the overall significance this has for me!! Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank YOU!!!!  My first mail in 2009 comes in such a great and totally unexpected way!
I truly wish that something like this or at least something similar happens to you as well...the feeling is one of a kind....and my postman is one of a kind :)))

Well, i know that i said that if i receive some additional Christmas cards i will add them to the original post...but now i find it somewhat inappropriate....coz frankly, what are the odds that you actually go to the post and see if there is something, since i want to again commemorate the enormous amount of snow we have outside, these cards just feel perfect for it, instead of posting a card which isnt truly eligible to be posted :)

So here are the 3 Christmas Cards I received today....

from Tanja in Germany

from Przemek in Poland

from Sietse in The Netherlands

and, of course, stamps :)

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Wolfidy said...'s great you go so much awesome mail...and on a Sunday! What an awesome postman you have!

Hope you're staying warm!