Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Who would have thought!! My first card from the Netherlands Antilles!!!!! Wow!!! I feel sooo special :))))
Plus, i must say, the name Netherlands Antilles itself sounds soooo, mmmm....appealing...dont ask me why coz i cant explain it, it just does :)
And to make things even better, i dont have one but two cards from there! The second one was a total surprise and something i hadnt expected at all...but for which im just so thankful :)

both of the cards show Scenes from Bonaire, which is one of the Netherlands Antilles islands.
On this card in particular you can see an Iguana, which according to the sender is a delicacy on the islands... soup or stew or even as a pet, it is liked by many!
Ouch....I dont think i could handle an iguana in any of those ways....i have some kind of repugnance towards anything which is of the lizard kind...or which  i would never feel comfortable in the vicinity of this buddy....but eating an iguana???!!! This definitely makes my stomach work in a different way :) Yay....i could never ever ever consider that....I know its all probably something that you just get used to and maybe if i was born at a place where this is a natural thing to eat, i would have had it on my meal list every now and then...but like this, i just cant grasp the idea of it :) I mean the only kind of meat i eat is chicken and fish...oh and that i mentioned it, i had a long discussion once whether the fish is fish or the fish is meat...if you wanna contribute with your opinion, feel free to do so :)  Anyway as i was saying, im not a meat lover and pork or lamb are also on my out if i cant eat that, i surely have trouble to digest the thought of eating an iguana....
I just wonder....if i had to choose between eating an iguana or eating those Chinese/Japansese cockroaches and worms and all sorts of bugs...its gonna be a tough choice...its gonna be a really tough choice : ))

Thank you S. for the cards...thank you sooo  much!!!


помаранчева мрійниця said...

I think iguana would be nice as a pet... But I wouldn't like to eat it :) The nicer pet looks like, the less eatable it is for me :)) For example, I love observing snails and I used to play with them when I was a child, so I'd never try eating them :)) That would be too cruel)
Anyway, the nature of Netherlands Antiles is very beautiful.

Greetings from Ukraine ;)

dager said...

Wow!! What a great surprise... a card from the Netherlands Antillen.. I'm a bit jealous :).
I never thougt somenone could eat a lizard. But different people... different tastes, I think. :)


Ana said... way i could eat them...or sea food..funny thing is, if someone serves me any kind of meat which is on my no-list, and doesnt tell me what is it, i may like it, if i tried it...just that i dont really try things unless i know EXACTLY what im eating...when i was eating they tricked me with lamb, telling me its chicken...ever since then i have this alarm button inside me :)

btw, who ever clicked on the 'im confused' button, im EXTREMELY curios to know his or her opinion about the confusion...and im not saying it in a bad manner...i just like discussions and critics :)
just dont be...TOO harsh :)

Ana said...

edit: i meant, *when i was LITTLE, they tricked me with the lamb...*

....i guess im tired...

Gem from Calgary said...

That's a great Bonaire card.

The Tropical Blogger said...

I am glad you got the cards, Ana.
I hadn't checked my email in a while so I didn't know you had received them. I was checking your blog frequently to see if you had received them, but since you post so many new posts I guess it was sent to the next page and I never noticed it.

Yeah, iguanas actually get eaten here. But, they can bite pretty hard from what I've heard. And they bite and don't let go.
Our rottweiler catches them off and on when they get off the tree and into the yard. Just a few days ago two were fighting in a tree in our yard and 2 iguanas fell off. Our rottweiler ran after one of them and caught it. When they get caught they play dead. And then after a while when they are left alone they will slowly walk off. As though they are sneaking away. lol

I don't like eating them though. I had iguana once as a kid. Soup. I didn't like it because while eating all I could think was that it was gross eating an iguana...they are just big lizards....BLECH!!!

Glad you liked the cards. :)