Sunday, December 21, 2008

Turner Field, Atlanta, USA

This card is totally different from anything i had received before....for the simple reason it shows a stadium. Ive seen people around collecting such cards, but not something i would have personally requested. But now that I have it, im actually glad that i can add it to my collection. I just love varieties, and seeing the world from many different aspects. 
Well, myself, im TOTALLY ignorant when it comes to field-played sports. I may get by with football, coz ive watched some games...when i was 10 years old i watched the ENTIRE World Cup with my grand-dad...i think that the entire knowledge i have about football dates from back then....but nowadays, im just out of it....give me tennis or F1 and i could rant for hours...but football or baseball or rugby...a-a
Im not very fond of admitting this but i had to check up to make sure if the 'equipment' shown on the card is used for baseball...but at least i got that right.
Im not at all familiar with it coz we simply dont have it here, so the only connection i have with this sport is when i had watched it in movies, and ive never been able to comprehend the rules of it....seems just so complicated :)

hmmm, as i can recall, Gaby is a Braves fan and she went here at Turner Field some time ago...i think she's gonna give me a good lesson for my ignorance....i feel it coming :))


Gabby Girl said...


I tried teaching my Chinese students about baseball and had an awful time, but I think that was partly to do with their level of English. They practically knew none.

Baseball isn't that complicated, but for those who don't watch it all the time, I can see how it could me confusing.

I would tell you all about baseball, but I think instead of a comment, you would have a short story. Heh. I suggest Wikipedia. That, or the baseball handbook that has all of the rules written in it.


Ana said...

I think that the only way i can TRULY comprehend the rules of it is by reading them, and at the same time watching the game and see how those rules are applied...i need to see the practical side of what im learning, otherwise it just wont be really helpful...and of course its gonna take many games of watching so that i can get it all...soooo, i think im like your Chinese students ;-) I really feel blunt about it :|

Gem from Calgary said...

Ana , thanks for the great Christmas card and the wonderful stamps that you used on the cover. They are a great addition to my collection. Merry Christmas to you and all the best for 2009.